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Performance Artist come Mental Health Advocate for people experiencing cancer and Social Activist, Melissa Stefano’s global cause is to end homelessness for women who become financially unable to care for themselves after being diagnosed with cancer or chronic illness.


A non-violent, robust and passionate approach to managing the cancer experience. 

The Cancer Confidence Movement asks: “Is there a better way to do cancer?”

The movement is underpinned by a belief and values system that suggests using cancer as a personal growth (transformational) opportunity, not after cancer but from day one of diagnosis. The Cancer Confidence Movement rejects war language, toxic positivity and venomous hate.


Melissa and The Cancer Confidence Movement team proudly work with progressive organisations who want to have better conversations around cancer. Organisations who want to create an optimistic culture. We are excited to collaborate and create better employment opportunities for women who have experienced cancer and are rebuilding themselves so that they can continue to work beyond treatment, while maintaining great health.

Woman. Social Activist. ​Leader. Writer. Speaker. Performance Artist. Dancer. Choreographer. Director. Producer. Lover. Friend. Dog Mum.

Melissa has helped women dying with cancer move to a place of acceptance. She has supported women living through cancer and has been the go-to for friends and family of people experiencing cancer when they don’t know what to say.

The number 1 question that Melissa gets is:

"How do I accept what is happening to me and my family?"

The Cancer Confidence Movement shines a light on a new and kinder way.


Whether being an advocate to end the negative war language associated with cancer; amplifying the benefits of cancer; or working with women on how to build more than just business, Melissa’s relentless determination is to end the war on cancer so that people experiencing cancer have a chance to improve their mental health and their connection to themselves and the people they love.

A Cancer Experience Futurist, Melissa’s research is in wisdom development as a result of crisis and defining life events. She is busily working to shift the perception for people to actively use the cancer experience to transform themselves, how they love and how they live.

Melissa lives between Adelaide and Sydney to stay connected with the 120 individuals and businesses who supported her while she was homeless.


Constellation and Somatic Alignment is for the Experienced Transformational Enthusiast 


 'Why' Coaching is for Leaders in the

Social Impact Space seeking drive, focus and expanded Leadership skills


Resolving personal

and professional challenges by revealing the hidden dynamics showing up as everyday reality.

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