What I am doing right now

Cancer Confidence

The word ‘cancer’ feels like a death sentence. You don’t want to deal with the side effects, looking sick all the time and feeling like cancer is taking over your life. I know how it feels to get a cancer diagnosis, and not know if you going to live or die. 

Cancer Confidence is a better and kinder way to do cancer.

You can amplify your Personal Power, which can only be ignited by a cancer diagnosis, Illuminating the Wisdom inspired by cancer. Not ‘after cancer’, but from the day of diagnosis


“If I don’t fight… I’ll die” - Said no one ever.

The Cancer War has been the foundation of ‘survivor stories’ since 1971, and without asking, ‘cancer survivors’ are dumping their stories on you making you feel weaker and like you can’t cope because “What if you can’t fight hard enough and cancer is the winner?”
We know the feeling of people looking at you with their ‘poor you’ eyes, and treating you like a victim. 

There is tons of research that tells us that ‘The Cancer War’ is destroying mental health. And cancer storytellers don’t care about your mental health, they care about telling their story.

We believe you can inspire people with your story without talking about the negative effects and making it a war.

Beyond 'Why'
There is a preconceived idea that there is an 'after cancer'. I am here to tell you: After cancer is a myth. It is really easy to get caught up in the cancer vortex (in an unhealthy way). A bit like the covid vortex. Beyond 'Why' is the supercharging of your 'why'. It is a 'Why' that you cannot outgrow — even if there is an apocalypse. 

Ten seconds of truth

'In hindsight... If I knew then what I know now... Everything happens for a reason…'


This pattern continues, over and over again. We use these statements when we talk of lessons we’ve learned, and we follow up with: ‘I wouldn’t change a thing, I had to go through that adversity to be where I am today’. And some of us speak of the adversity or challenging situation with gratitude and we convince ourselves ‘it is our lesson—we are better for going through it—I’ll know how to deal with it next time'... Next time comes and we end up in the same cycle of what we think is ‘self-reflection’, ‘self-awareness’, but all we are really doing is entering the same pattern and setting ourselves up for the same result.


 Why? Because we’re self reflecting all wrong.


Motivational Force

A multipotentialite, therefore intelligent and multi-skilled. A person of service, therefore compassionate and resourceful. Entrepreneurial, therefore able to leap tall buildings. I use the titles of Coach; Consultant; Behavioral Analyst; Creative; Entrepreneur; Speaker; Performer and so on for convenience. My friends, colleagues, clients and employers describe me as a Motivational Force - Alchemising the Emotionally Rich and Uniquely Famous.

And if you are into personality and behavioural profiling, I am: 

Dominant/Influencer (DI) — in Extended Disc
ENFJ-A — Natural-born leader in Myers Briggs

Protagonist — Warm and loves helping others in 16 Personalities
The Maestro — Powerful, Ambitious, Focused and Confident

For the spiritualists, I am Scorpio (Cancer Moon and Aquarius Rising).

Australian native / Italian heritage — I have the goodness of both; passionate, sun-chaser and just the right amount of crazy to get sh*t done right.

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