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Systemic Coaching & Family Constellations 

CASA: Constellations and

Somatic Alignment

Connecting with Your True Self for Personal Development Enthusiasts & Impact Entrepreneurs

This is CASA

Melissa has 30 years of using the body's voice to decode messages. CASA is a method of using several modalities to understand the bodies conversations with the brain.  


How long have you been 'doing the work?'

Melissa is passionate about working with people who are dedicated to transforming themselves.


Connecting with yourself is only possible if you can see the vision of who you were born to be.

You must be able to see yourself without judgement.


For some this is a process of rebirth, others a creative path to High Performance Leadership, and for the powerful self in you, it is a dynamic approach to going home.

Melissa's unique approach to coaching, constellation and creative expression is edgy, progressive and grounded in coaching psychology, neurophysiology and the ability to see things you have never seen before. 


Melissa has been working as a transformational practitioner for 30 years.


There is no one prescription to transform yourself. If small shifts are not enough for you and you have tried the standard growth practices, Melissa may have a solution curated just for you. 

CASA, means home.

Constellations And Somatic Artistry is the prescription Melissa applies to your transformational strategy. Connecting the dots, through the voice of the body instead of the mind, Melissa helps you tune into yourself and hear more than what your thoughts are saying.




Constellation and Somatic Alignment is for the Experienced Transformational Enthusiast 


 'Why' Coaching is for Leaders in the

Social Impact Space seeking drive, focus and expanded Leadership skills


Resolving personal

and professional challenges by revealing the hidden dynamics showing up as everyday reality.

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