There are 266 registered cancer charities in Australia; Cancer Confidence is the first Cancer Social Enterprise of its kind because we don't need any more cancer charities.

Melissa Stefano is a Creative Visionary, Optimism Coach and 
Founder of The Cancer Confidence Movement’.

Through ‘solution focused’ activism, multidisciplinary works, and partnering with media groups and interested organisations, Melissa is committed to spreading the message that the cancer experience — it is the answer to the meaning of life. We’ve heard enough stories of ‘transformation’ and how we are growing from adversity — that isn’t enough anymore. We want to know HOW to fall in love … and REDEFINE the ‘happy ending’... Falling in love is an active process and … there is no ending to what it is to fall in love … so the ending would be … ‘HAPPY FALLING’... 


Melissa has been a speaker and performer for 35 years.

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Melissa is ready to take this movement to the next level. A trained stage, radio and media professional, Melissa is ready to chat with you.


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